Naomi Hawkins

Naomi Hawkins is an Associate Professor at the University of Exeter Law School, as well as a research fellow of the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre and a research associate at HeLEX, the Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies at the University of Oxford. She obtained her LLB and her BSc (Biomedical Science) from the University of Queensland before being admitted as a legal practitioner in Australia. She completed her BCL and doctorate in law at the University of Oxford.

Naomi served as Director of SCuLE, Science, Culture and the Law at Exeter until 2022.

Research Interests

Naomi’s research focuses on the interaction of law and biomedical science, particularly around intellectual property rights. She uses traditional legal research and empirical methods to investigate the impact of human gene patents on the development of translational outcomes of genetics and genomics research. She is also interested in the ways in which data sharing practices intersect with intellectual property rights in science. Naomi is currently funded by the ESRC Future Leaders Research scheme for her project, “The Impact of Patents on Translational Research Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis in Europe and the US”.

Select Outputs

N. Hawkins and T. Hughes-Davies. “Striking a balance: Resolving conflicts between the duty of confidentiality and duties to third parties in genetics.” Legal Studies (2018).

S. Doheny, A. Clarke, S. Dheensa, D. Carrieri, N. Hawkins, A. Lucassen, P. Turnpenny, and S. Kelly. “Dimensions of responsibility in medical genetics: exploring the complexity of the ‘duty to recontact’.” New Genetics and Society 37 (2018): 187.

D. Carrieri, L. Jackson, H. C. Howard, A. Clarke, C. Benjamin, S. Dheensa, S. Doheny, P. Turnpenny,  A. Lucassen, N. Hawkins, S. Kelly, I. van Langen, T. Halbersma-Konings, H. Kayserili, E. Rial-Sebbag, Á. Mendes, V. Stefansdottir, C. van El, M. Cornel, and F. Forzano. On behalf of the Public and Professional Policy Committee of the European Society of Human Genetics “Recontacting patients in clinical genetics services: recommendations of the ESHG.” European Journal of Human Genetics (2018).

N. Hawkins. “A red herring – Invalidity of human gene sequence patents.” European Intellectual Property Review 38, no. 2 (2016): 8391. Full text.

J. Kaye, N. Kanellopoulou, N. Hawkins, H. Gowans, L. Curren, and K. Melham. “Can I access my personal genome? the current legal position in the UK.Med Law Rev 22, no. 1 (2014): 6486. DOI.

N. Hawkins. “An Exception to Infringement for Genetic Testing – Addressing Patient Access and Divergence Between Law and Practice.” IIC International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law 6 (2012): 641661.

C. Heeney, N. Hawkins, J. de Vries, P. Boddington, and J. Kaye. “Assessing the privacy risks of data sharing in genomics.Public Health Genomics 14, no. 1 (2011): 1725. DOI.

J. Kaye, C. Heeney, N. Hawkins, J. de Vries, and P. Boddington. “Data sharing in genomics–re-shaping scientific practice.” Nat Rev Genet 10, no. 5 (2009): 331335. DOI.

Select Conference Appearances

“Patents and non-invasive prenatal testing: an empirical study,” Society of Legal Scholars Conference 2018, London, UK, September 2018.

“An empirical investigation of the role of patents in non-invasive prenatal testing,” Intellectual Property Scholars Conference, New York, USA, August 2017.

“A qualitative investigation of the role of patents in non-invasive prenatal testing,” IP Scholars Asia, Singapore, February 2017.

“Patents and non-invasive prenatal testing: Is there cause for concern?,” Intellectual Property, Ethics and the Market in the Era of Personalised Medicine, Oxford, UK, June 2017.

“Invalidating gene patents: Missing the target?,” Queensland University of Technology Law School, Brisbane, Australia, October 2016.

“Will patents be problematic for non-invasive prenatal testing?,” University of Tasmania Law School, Sandy Bay, Australia, September 2016.

“Intellectual property and NIPT: Controversies and Concerns,” Advances in Prenatal Molecular Diagnostics, Lisbon, Portugal, April 2016.

“Are gene patents an obstacle to healthcare?,” University of Pavia, Italy, April 2014.

Select Media Appearances

N. Hawkins, “Translating genomic research into clinical applications HeLEX,” Oxford series on Talking Law and Ethics, 2010.

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"Patents and non-invasive prenatal testing: Is there a cause for concern?" at Intellectua Property, Ethics and the Market in the Era of Personalised Medicine, Centre for Personalized Medicine, Oxford

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