Naomi Hawkins appointed as QUEX Theme Lead

Dr Naomi Hawkins has been appointed as theme lead for the QUEX Institute’s new theme: Digital Worlds and Disruptive Technologies.

The QUEX Institute of Global Sustainability and Wellbeing is a collaboration between The University of Queensland and University of Exeter. Its mission is to deliver innovative research engaging with crucial global challenges under three interdisciplinary themes.

Dr Hawkins, together with her counterpart at the University of Queensland, will lead the theme that explores technology and behavioural elements of digital change. The technology side of the theme touches on subjects connected with Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Cyber Security and Virtual Reality. The behavioural aspect, connecting social sciences and humanities, will look at social, cultural and economic elements of digital transformation. As a theme lead, Dr Hawkins will act as the direct link between both Universities and develop cooperation with external partners within industry, government and funding agencies.