SCuLE Emeritus

Some of SCuLE members have moved on or continue their research outside of the University of Exeter. Learn more about our emeritus researchers below.

Contract Law Mental and Legal Capacity Disability Law Vulnerability
Feminist Legal Theory Heteronormativity and Gender Studies Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse Gender and Legal Education
Climate Law Energy and Enviromental Law Climate Litigation Decolonising Law
Law and Autonomous Vehicles Ships and Drones Insurance Law
Equality Act 2010 Disability Discrimination Mental Impairments Employment Law
Cognitive Psychology   Forensic Science • Human Factors   Expertise
Whistleblower Protection  European Convention on Human Rights Freedom of Expression Austerity and Human Rights
Criminal Law and Multiculturalism Philosophy of Criminal Law Gender and the Criminal Justice System
Intellectual Property Law Copyright Law Law and Creativity Cultural Heritage Law
Patent Law Medical Law Biotechnology Law Law and Genomics
Arbitration Law  Insurance Law  Law and Artificial Intelligence  Energy and Environmental Law
Intellectual Property Law Art and Cultural Heritage Law Performers’ Rights Disability Law
Contract Law Unequal Bargaining Power Electronic Contracts Performers’ Rights
Human Rights Law Environmental Law Climate Justice Loss & Damage
European Patent Law Harmonisation and Fragmentation Judicial Dialogue Morality