SCuLE includes a number of researchers at the University of Exeter Law School, working across our research strands. Learn more about our active SCuLE researchers below, as well as our Emeritus members.

Contract Law Mental and Legal Capacity Disability Law Vulnerability
Environmental Law  Law of the Sea  Polar Law  Fisheries Law
International Human Rights Law Technology and Digital Law Data Protection and Privacy International Migration and Refugee Law
Feminist Legal Theory Heteronormativity and Gender Studies Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse Gender and Legal Education
Climate Law Energy and Enviromental Law Climate Litigation Decolonising Law
Law and Literature Psychoanalysis Theory and Critical Methodologies Interdisciplinarity
Environmental Law  Planning Law  Energy Law Habitat Protection
Equality Act 2010 Disability Discrimination Mental Impairments Employment Law
Bystander Prevention of Violence Against Women Sexual Offences Assisted Reproduction Vulnerability
Law and politics Queer Legal Theory Data Protection and Privacy Legal Gender Recognition Empirical Socio-Legal Research
Criminal Law Social Media and Crime News Trial by Media Legal History
Health Equity  Social Justice  Medical Tourism  Right to Health
Copyright  3D Printing  Philosophy  Biotechnology
Patent Law Medical Law Biotechnology Law Law and Genomics
Cognitive Psychology and Law  Guilty Pleas and False Confession  Regulation of Biomedical Contracts  Neurological Trauma and the Law
Mental Health Law Medical Law Trusts Tort Law
Criminal Law and Multiculturalism Philosophy of Criminal Law Gender and the Criminal Justice System
Ocean Law and Governance  Underwater Cultural Heritage Law Environmental Law and Policy  Global Commons Management
Surrogacy and the Law Contracts and Morality Patent Law Empirical Socio-legal Research

End-of-life Medical Decisions Human Rights Law and Governance Processes Normative Ethics

Cognitive Psychology and the Law  Evidence-Based Justice  Biases in Cognition  Jury Decision Making

Regulation of Deepfakes Media Platform Regulation Online Harms Media Studies
Regulation of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics New Technologies and the Law of Armed Conflict Legal Response to Misinformation as a National Security Challenge Nanotechnology Regulation
Arbitration Law  Insurance Law  Law and Artificial Intelligence  Energy and Environmental Law
Trauma and Law Legal Knowledge, Discourse and Social Power Law and Critical Theory Critical Legal Pedagogy
Cultural Heritage Law Art Restitution Digital Technologies Law History of Art
Intellectual Property Law Art and Cultural Heritage Law Performers’ Rights Disability Law
Asylum and Refugee Law  Human Rights Law Sexuality Rights  Vulnerability
New Labour Paradigms Feminised Labour Human Trafficking Sex Work
Human Rights Law Environmental Law Climate Justice Loss & Damage
Intellectual Property Law  Art and Cultural Heritage Law  Digital Humanities  Visual Studies
European Patent Law Harmonisation and Fragmentation Judicial Dialogue Morality