SCuLE strives to conduct internationally-recognised academic research and provide and policy leadership in the interaction of law with science and/or culture.

Our research focuses on the broad themes of:

  • Cultural Heritage Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Culture and Society
  • Intellectual Property and Innovation Law
  • Medical Law

Cultural Heritage Law

Our expertise in cultural heritage law focuses on the boundaries between tangible and intangible cultural heritage, digital cultural heritage and maritime cultural heritage. Our research explores rules of engagement and re-use of cultural heritage by a plural audience including the public, corporations, artists or cultural institutions. Recent themes have explored the engagement of persons with disabilities with sites of cultural heritage, the decolonisation of cultural heritage and the impact of underwater tourism.

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Environmental Law

Our environmental law research explores important challenges across the range of governance levels. Our researchers conduct research in the fields of marine governance, energy governance, food and water security, global environmental governance, environmental human rights, and biodiversity protection. SCuLE researchers embrace the multidisciplinary nature of studying global environmental challenges, such as by being open to exploring the various intersections of law with other theoretical disciplines, including socio-legal theory, social sciences, human rights, natural sciences, legal pluralism, transnational law, as well as recognising the important linkages with environmental arts and humanities.

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Culture and Society

Our research on culture and society explores the interaction between the law and the social and cultural sphere. Culture in this sense is broadly construed, and encompasses aspects of cultural works such as art and music, but also the impact of law on of the culture of organisations or fields, such as scientific practice, or as interpreted through social media. This theme also explores areas such as domestic violence and trauma.

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Intellectual Property and Innovation Law

SCuLE research in intellectual property and innovation is focused on both copyright and patent law. Our copyright scholars explore questions such as broader access to culturally important works, performers rights and digital copyright and 3D printing. In patent law, we investigate the European patent system, and conduct socio-legal work into the impact of patents on innovative medical fields.

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Medical Law

Our research in medical law encompasses examinations of the law and ethics associated with modern medical practice and technologies. We have particular expertise in end of life issues and the complications for medical practice of modern genetic and genomics research.

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