SCuLE’s space law policy brief in the Times

SCuLE’s policy brief on the future regulation of the UK space industry was cited by the Times newspaper, in an article published on 16 October 2019 .

The brief calls for update of the UK’s legislation to support technology companies that wish to operate in space industry. Dr Naomi Hawkins warned that the current laws may quickly become inadequate for the prospering sector. Moreover, in terms of intellectual property and copyright laws that apply in outer space, the right balance between the protection of the public interest and encouraging innovation is needed to support businesses.

The team behind the policy brief included Dr Naomi Hawkins, Dr Mathilde Pavis, Dr Kubo Macak and Professor Hitoshi Nasu. It was based on the discussion among legal practitioners, academics and space industry experts that took place in Truro, Cornwall, on 5 June 2019 and arose from a project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, IAA Business Boost Fund entitled “Seeking out a new frontier of research at the intersection of space law, intellectual property and space technology”.

Read the whole article in the Times. (paywall)

Photo: PIRO4D