International Workshop on IPR Challenges from Emerging Technologies

This international workshop on 4 March kicked off the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Project “Licensing Systems for 3D Printing in China.”

The AHRC Centre for Digital Copyright and IP Research in China was established in March 2015. Combining British and Chinese expertise, the AHRC Centre investigates global copyright challenges and opportunities for creative and technical industries in the fast developing Chinese context. Copyright and intellectual property (IP) laws are critical considerations for start-ups, entrepreneurs and corporations, particularly ‘disruptive innovators’ who use technology to shake-up existing business models. The Centre’s research will have relevance to government, business and education sectors in China and its findings aim to inform policy and support the development of consistent copyright and intellectual property regulation and to aid business innovation and commercial design across China.

Speakers included:

  • Richard Everson, University of Exeter
  • Zhongfa Ma, Fundan University
  • James Griffin, University of Exeter
  • Hing Kai Chan, University of Nottingham Ningbo China

The Intellectual Property Right Challenges from Emerging Technologies Workshop Brochure has more information on the workshop, agenda, and speakers.