Exeter Law School Hosts International Conference in IP Law

On the 16th and 17th of April, Exeter Law School hosted its second international conference in intellectual property (IP) law. The event was co-hosted by the New IP Lawyers network and sponsored by Stephens Scown LLP, together with the Society of Legal Scholars and the British and Irish Law Education and Technology Association.

The event gathered together 65 experts in intellectual property from 11 different countries, including Australia, Kenya, India and the United States, to discuss the challenges currently faced in intellectual property law and practice. Panel presentations and discussions focused on themes such as the impact of block-chain technology, biotechnology and 3D printing to only mention a few. Ben Travers, partner and head of intellectual property Stephens Scown chaired a panel discussion on artificial intelligence and IP at the conference. He said: “From robotics to artificial intelligence, we are all aware of the pace that technology is changing. Intellectual property law has to keep up and that is why it is so important to gather the best minds in this area to share their ideas and expertise. It is great for the city that we can host an event of this calibre, which is attracting intellectual property professionals from around the world”. Keynote sessions were delivered by Professor Christophe Geiger from the Centre for Intellectual Property Studies (Strasbourg, France), by Professor Estelle Derclaye from the University of Nottingham (UK) and Professor Justine Pila from the University of Oxford.

Exeter Law School and the New IP Lawyers network would like to thank all conference participants for their contribution and the members of the Sciences, Culture and the Law Research Centre for their unfailing support in the organisation of the event.