Dr Kyriaki Noussia On Modern Threats to Environmental Sustainability in the Arctic

Dr Kyriaki Noussia contributed an article titled ‘On Modern Threats to Environmental Sustainability in the Arctic: The Climate Change Factor‘ to the European Energy and Environmental Law Review.

The article is set against the backdrop of the growing possibility to explore natural resources and usage of new navigation routes in shipping due to the ice melting in the Arctic. The article evaluates the existing literature on the Arctic exploration, legal regulation and Arctic shipping and considers these topics together in the context of  climate change on the Arctic. Dr Noussia discusses multiple social and environmental effects of climate change in this region and its indigenous populations. The author suggests that the risks associated with potential Arctic oil and gas exploitation necessitates for robust national, regional or international regulation that will take into account local indigenous communities, but bound both these local and international players. Dr Noussia warns that to achieve sustainable development in the region integrated approaches and mitigation plans, respecting the needs and interests of all stakeholders, are needed.

Photo: Mario Hagen