Kyriaki Noussia co-edited InsurTech: A Legal and Regulatory View

Dr Kyriaki Noussia co-edited InsurTech: A Legal and Regulatory View with Pierpaolo Marano as part of the AIDA Europe Research Series on Insurance Law and Regulation.

The Volume explores the key trends in InsurTech and the potential legal and regulatory issues that accompany them. InsurTech is an industry that emerged as a result of increasing use of technology in the insurance sector, having both a disruptive and transformative impact on areas including product development, distribution, modelling, underwriting and claims and administration practice. Innovations in InsurTech could lead to a change of how the insurance industry functions. Insurance products may be more adjusted to individual customers and priced more appropriately to the risk. The book examines matters such as as FinTech, InsurTech, Sharing Economy, the Internet of Things, contributions on insurance contract law in a digitalized world, cyber insurance and robots and legal and ethical questions regarding autonomous vehicles and transportation.

Dr Noussia contributed two chapters to the book titled “Cybersecurity and Environmental Impact: Insurance as a Better Protection Mechanism for Liability from Incidents in Oil and Gas Operations” and “Autonomous Vehicles: Legal Considerations and Dilemmas”.