Timon Hughes-Davies

Timon Hughes-Davies studied chemistry as an undergraduate at Oxford University,  and completed his D.Phil. on X-ray reflectometry of liquid surfaces at the same university.  He then worked in industry and in the voluntary sector.

In 2007, Timon returned to university, taking a GDL at Bournemouth University.  In 2010, Timon was a lecturer at Bournemouth University and in 2011 was appointed as a Lecturer (E&S) at the University of Exeter.  He is now a senior lecturer and director of education for the Law School.

Research Interests

Timon has published on trusts and on genetic confidentiality.  He is interested in mental health law, and the use of force in the detention and treatment of patients under the Mental Health Act 1983.

Timon has recently written, with Nathan Tamblyn, a textbook on tort, which will be published in 2019.

Select Outputs

T. Hughes-Davies, “Redefining the Quistclose trust.” Conv. 79(1) (2015): 13-25.

N. Hawkins and T. Hughes-Davies, “Striking a balance: Resolving conflicts between the duty of confidentiality and duties to third parties in genetics,” Legal Studies 38(4) (2018): 645-665.

N. Tamblyn and T. Hughes-Davies, Spotlight on Tort Law, Routledge, 2018.

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