Raawiyah Rifath

Raawiyah holds an LLB with honours from the University of Edinburgh (2016), a Diploma in Professional Legal Practice from the University of Glasgow (2017), and she has completed her LLM in International Human Rights Law at the University of Exeter (2018).

Raawiyah is currently undertaking her PhD researching asylum seekers basing their claims on sexual orientation.


Research Interests

Raawiyah is interested in the burden and standard of proof relating to asylum claims based on sexual orientation alongside this cohort’s specific vulnerabilities in the UK. Through engaged research and by using a transdisciplinary approach of law and psychology, her work aims to mitigate the difficulties faced by these asylum seekers during the asylum process by incorporating their specific vulnerabilities to create a reformation to the current understandings of the standard of proof.

Select Conference Appearances

SLS 2020, ‘Reforming the asylum process: incorporating the vulnerabilities of asylum seekers who base their claims on their sexual orientation’

SLS 2021, ‘Sexual Orientation & Asylum: Findings’

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