Mohamed Mohammed

Mohamed’s background is in Media and Communications, graduating from the University of East London with a First Class degree along with an award for Excellence in Final Year Research. He went on to receive an MA from Goldsmiths, University of London before joining the University of Exeter as a PhD student and researcher.

Research Interests

Since 2017, Mohamed has worked in Online Community Management as both a Moderator and Manager, responsible for as many as 10 million users. He has a keen interest in setting policies and procedures that govern the communities and user generated content of online platforms, with a particular focus on the role of deepfakes on media platforms. This has led to research interests that span across Media Studies and Law.

Mohamed is currently a researcher and PhD candidate on the QUEX Institute – funded project, “Deepfakes: re-balancing the governance of persona appropriation created with AI,” led by Dr. Mathilde Pavis.