Mathilde Pavis

Mathilde joined the University of Exeter as a Lecturer in Law in July 2016. She holds a Licence and Maitrise in Law from the University of Rennes (France), an LLM and PhD from the University of Exeter. Mathilde is also a Guest Lecturer in comparative intellectual property law at King’s College London. She was appointed as a visiting scholar at the University of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) and University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia) and held a John W. Kluge research fellowship at the US Library of Congress (Washington DC) before joining Exeter Law School as a Lecturer.

Research Interests

Mathilde’s research primarily focuses in the areas of intellectual property law (copyright and performers’ rights), cultural heritage regulation and their respective intersections with new technologies, creativity, performance and disability broadly understood.

Mathilde’s research focuses primarily on the protection of performing artists under intellectual property laws. More recently, her work has explored the protection of intangible forms of cultural heritage, notably contemporary intangible expressions of heritage, by national and international laws.

Select Outputs

M. Pavis and A. Wallace. “Response to the 2018 Sarr-Savoy Report: Statement on Intellectual Property Rights and Open Access relevant to the digtiization and restitution of African Cultural Heritage and associated materials.” DOI

M. Pavis. “‘In fashion, one day you are in, the next you are out’: comparative perspectives on the exclusion of fashion models from performers’ rights.” European Intellectual Property Review 41(6)(2019): 347-358.

C. Waelde, C. Cummings, M. Pavis, and H. Enright (eds). Research Handbook on Contemporary Intangible Cultural Heritage: Law and Heritage. Edward Elgar, 2018.

M. Pavis. “Runway models, runway performers? Unravelling the Ashby jurisprudence under UK law.” Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice 13 (2018): 867–877. DOI.

M. Pavis. “ICH and Safeguarding: Uncovering the cultural heritage discourse of copyright.” In Research Handbook on Contemporary Intangible Cultural Heritage: a Law and Heritage Exploration, edited by C. Waelde, C. Cummings, H. Enright, and M. Pavis. United Kingdom: Edward Elgar, 2018.

M. Pavis, C. Waelde, and S. Whatley. “Who can profit from dance? an exploration of copyright ownership.” The Journal of Society for Dance Research 35 (2017): 96–110. DOI.

M. Pavis. “Is There Any-Body on Stage? A Legal (Mis)understanding of Performances.” The Journal of World Intellectual Property 19, no. 3-4 (2016): 99–114. DOI.

Select Conference Appearances

Keynote: “What’s in a reputation? The doctrine of moral rights after the Weistein scandal,” Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, BC, Canada, 12 August 2018.

“Performing artists in the creative industries: Performers’ rights in the UK,” Theatre Northern Ireland Workshop, Queen’s University of Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 18-19 January 2017.

“The intellectualisation of intellectual property law,” Annual Work In Progress in Intellectual Property Conference, University of Washington, Seattle, US, 18-19 February 2016.

“Is there any-body on stage? A legal (mis)understanding of performances,” International Congress of the Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property Law, Cape town, South Africa, 27 September 2015.

“Bound by Law: Musical Performers’ legal obligation to abide by the scores,” Orpheus Instituut Conference: Music for all’, Orpheus Instituut Ghent, Belgium, 18-19 February 2015.

“Intellectual Property, Disability and Performance,” Authorship and Agency International Symposium, Berlin, Germany, 8-9 November 2013.

Select Media Appearances

M. Pavis, “Love Island stars deserve workplace protection”, The Times, 10 June 2019.

M. Pavis and A. Wallace, “Tread carefully when repatriating art to Africa”, The Times, 29 April 2019

[unnamed]. “Voiceover artists face losing intellectual property rights”, The Times, 26 March 2019

J. Ames and F. Gibb. “Strut it like Naomi Campbell and you might be hit for copyright,” The Times, 18 September 2018.

M. Pavis. “Cutting Kevin Spacey out of a film could lead to ‘scandal clauses’ in Hollywood,” The Independent, 12 January 2018; Republished in The Conversation.

Regular contributor to The IPKat.

Mathilde Pavis at Re-Imagining IP Research Handbook on Contemporary ICH Mathilde Pavis and Hasan Yilmaztekin Invisible Difference
"ICH and Safeguarding: Uncovering the cultural heritage discourse of copyright," in Research Handbook on Contemporary Intangible Cultural Heritage: a Law and Heritage Exploration

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