Janet Keliher

Janet holds an LLB from Aberystwyth University, an LLM from King’s College London, MRes from the University of Exeter and is due to submit her PhD at the University of Exeter in the Autumn of 2018. She is a qualified solicitor with many years experience in the corporate department of a large City firm.

Janet is currently working as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate on a GW4 funded project investigating Gender Based Violence at UK Universities. She is particularly looking at the legal obligations of UK universities to prevent and respond to Gender Based Violence and examining good practice in this area in other jurisdictions.

Research Interests

Janet’s research interests include the interaction between criminal law and culture in the context of multiculturalism, the philosophy of the criminal law and gender in the criminal justice system.

Select Conference Appearances

“Should there be a Cultural Element in Victimology?,” British Society of Criminology Victimology Conference at University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK, May 2017.

“Inspiring Research in Exploring the Relationship Between Culture and Responsibility in the Criminal Law,” SWDTC Conference University of Bristol, Bristol, UK, November 2015.

“Translating Responsibility from One Culture to Another,” Cardiff University Humanities Conference on Cultural Translation, Cardiff, UK, May 2015.

“The Criminal Law and Multiculturalism: In Search of a Theoretical Framework,” Queen Mary University of London Postgraduate Legal Research Conference, London, UK, June 2014.

“The Challenges Presented to the Criminal Law of England and Wales by Multiculturalism,” Durham University Postgraduate Conference, Durham, UK, May 2014.

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